Surprisingly Smart Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays

Plan ahead!! Turkeys and tinsel, dreidels and pumpkin pie. Yes friends, the holidays are here again, and it’s the perfect time for… hunting? OK, we know you’re busy enough planning family feasts and much-needed vacations, but hear us out. While it might seem counter intuitive to put a big-ticket item like a home on your holiday shopping list, it really does make sense.

Check out these surprisingly smart reasons to let everyone else hit the mall while you make the purchase of a lifetime:

  • Less competition from home buyers. Many buyers take the month off to celebrate the holidays. Shopping for real estate at a time when fewer buyers are in the market can pay off big.
  • Motivated home sellers. The December seller is likely to be serious and motivated.
  • Tax Advantages. In case you weren’t aware, the tax benefits go both ways. Buying now can help you save in April and beyond.
  • A realistic picture of the house. Checking out the house in the miserable winter season might give you a more accurate idea of what you might be living with the rest of the year.
  • Greater accessibility to professionals. Since December is usually a slower month all around, you will have easier access to movers, inspectors, and mortgage brokers.
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