HO-HO-Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in December

So, you’ve finished the last of those turkey leftovers and just about thrown in the towel on your workout regimen until some undefined time after the first of the year. It’s high time for relaxing and merriment….right?

Alas, the truth is, if you squeeze in a smidgen of time to do some routine maintenance chores this month, you’ll save yourself a load of potential trouble – and repair costs – down the road.  We promise they’re so simple, you might just be done before you can sing a chorus to “Jingle Bells”.

HO-HO-Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in December | Home for the Holidays, Home repairs, protect and prevent
  1. Protect your pipes. When temps dip below freezing, unprotected pipes can burst from exposure.
  2. Give your oven some lovin’. Check the seal around the oven door for breaks or cracks and replace as necessary.
  3. Check your insulation. If the insulation is below the level of the attic floor joists, you’ll need to add more.
  4. Prevent potential fire hazards. Be sure to keep a live tree well-watered; keep at least 3 feet away from all heat sources, turn your tree lights off at night, and toss damaged lights.
  5. Prevent ice damming. Ice what-ing , you ask? A ridge of frozen water that forms at the edge of your roof; left untreated can cause leaks, damage to walls, ceilings, and insulation. Easiest way to prevent – keep gutters free of tree branches and debris.
  6. Get secure. Holidays are prime time for burglaries and break-ins, so illuminate around your house, lock doors and windows, and perhaps install security cameras around your door.