3 Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal This Spring

Spring is almost here which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about this year’s landscaping. Now, I know what your thinking. It can be a lot of work, so is it really worth your time? Yes! Not only can a well landscaped yard help you better enjoy your home while you own it, but it will also help with resale value. John Harris, a Landscaping economist, says good landscaping can add up to 28% in overall home value. That's why I've curated these simple ways to give your home some of that coveted curb appeal. 

Plant a tree | ways to increase your curb appeal | Utah Listing Pro | Matt Salter


A well placed tree can be beneficial for multiple reasons. It can provide more beauty and interest to your home, while giving you added privacy.  It can also provide shade for your home which can help decrease the cost of your utilities during those hot Utah summers. Make sure to do research on which tree is right for the size and compostion of your yard. I've gathered a few of my favorite Utah friendly and unique trees for yards of every kind. 


Nothing makes a yard pop quite like some colorful flowers. Plant some perennials and fill in the gaps with different annuals each year. Utah weather can be very dry and unforgiving, so try not to plant until after the final frost. It looks like you should be safe to plant your garden around May 1st, if in the greater Salt Lake area. Here is a selection of great drought resistant flowers for you to choose from!

Find even more options here and here



This is probably the most work of the three, but so worth the effort. There are many different materials you can use to achieve this look. Stones or pavers are pretty affordable, and very durable if installed properly. A walkway can add such a warm, inviting touch to the outside of your home. It will give everyone the first impression you want them to have. 

Those are just a few simple ways you can landscape your yard to be something you, and potential buyers, will enjoy. If you liked this article be sure to subscribe below to receive more like it via email. And if you want more information about your home, selling or buying, contact me and I'd love to help!