How to Buy a House: 5 New Rules That Can Make or Break Your Offer

How to Buy a House: 5 New Rules That Can Make or Break Your Offer | Utah Listing Pro | Buy a Home, Rules for Buying, Buying Tips, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate, State of the Market

The rules on how to buy a house have changed, folks – so if you’re serious about becoming a proud homeowner in the near future, you’ll want to read this first!

So, what’s changed the most in the traditional home-buying process? For starters, prospective buyers should brace themselves for steep prices and stiff competition. Total inventory remains much lower than it was a year ago, falling well short of buyer demand… are “flying off the market”. 

Altogether, it’s a hot seller’s market. While it’s good news for sellers, buyers will need to take some extra measures to compete with other house hunters. To nail a perfect home in today’s housing market, follow these five new rules:

Rule No. 1: Prepare for a marathon house hunt

Rule No. 2:  Secure financing before you start shopping

Rule No. 3:  Don’t lowball your offer

Rule No. 4:  Curb the contingencies

Rule No. 5:  Move fast

So, if you’re serious about buying a house, you need to be ready to pounce!

Want to find your dream home before the competition? 

Reference: Daniel Bortz