Smart Home Improvement Tips for the DIY-er

8 Smart Home Improvement Tips for the DIYer

Fixing up your home can be a great joy, and also personal satisfaction when you pitch in and DIY some of the tasks. But proper preparation is key to getting things done right. Take a short cut and you’ll likely end up with a project that takes longer, costs more, looks like it was DIY’d and hurts more than your bank balance along the way.

  • Measure thrice, cut once – It’s the oldest tip in the book when it comes to renovation and it’s every bit as important as you think it is to make sure you have the right measurements before you start up that power saw.
  • Buy more materials than you actually need – Add 20% to the actual measurements. It may add a few bucks to your bottom line, but it will save your butt in the long run.
  • Invest in some quality tools – You’re an adult now. You can have a real hammer and a drill and a pair of needle nose pliers. This Old House has some good tips for what tools to buy.
  • Try it before you install it – Before you drill holes, give whatever you’re installing, a test run.
  • Buy the right ladder, and use it properly – Don’t balance on the paint tray, don’t overextend the weight limit, make sure it’s in proper working order – you know, the basics.
  • Glove up, glasses on – Gloves and goggles are basic go-to’s.
  • Hanging art – So many tools are available to help you hang art that we should all have it nailed (pun intended), right? Check out for great ideas.
  • Keep the mess away – If you hate having to clean up afterwards…don’t. A sticky note is all you need.

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