Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in September

Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in September | Utah Listing Pro | Home Prep, Winter Prep, Tasks to tackle, Fall Cleaning

For most of the country, September signals the end of summer’s dog days and a return to fuzzy sweaters, chilly evenings, and, of course, pumpkin spice everything (this is America, after all).

But before those first autumn leaves begin to fall, it’s crucial to take a few steps to stave off any cold weather home breakdowns. These quick, relatively painless tasks can potentially save you major repair costs down the road.

1.    Check walkways for cracks – fix walkway and entryway areas before slippery weather can cause a tripping or falling accident.

2.    Clean and repair the siding- inspect caulking; pressure wash to clean it up and inspect for more serious problems before winter comes.

3.    Check and repair leaky faucets.

4.    Make sure windows are sealed tight.

5.    Sweep the chimney – built-up soot an increase your risk of chimney fire.

6.    Change the air filters and tune up the furnace.

7.    Service the yard equipment