Secrets to Successful Home Staging

Getting ready to list your house for sale? Putting some effort into staging it well can impact how quickly it moves off the market. The tenets of staging are pretty basic: declutter, depersonalize and deep clean. 

But there are some little-known tactics that experts swear by:

  • Draw eyes to a room’s best attribute, whether a beautiful fireplace or a window with a great view.
  • Clean out and organize closets.
  • Make a room seem larger by removing rugs to give appearance of unbroken floor space.
  • Add fluffy white towels to your bathrooms.
  • Turn on interior lights during an open house.
  • Widen the walking area around major pieces of furniture, such as beds and sofas.
  • OR, leaving a room unstaged and free of furniture can encourage buyers to imagine how they could use your space.

By being thoughtful with your staging efforts, you can help potential buyers see themselves living a happy life in your home, and that may be all it takes to seal the deal. 

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