What You Need to Know About Planned Communities

What You Need to Know About Planned Communities | Utah Listing Pro | Home Tips, Buying Tips, Things to Consider When Buying or Builiding

What is a planned community? It’s a housing development where the homes, roads, stores and other features are carefully designed and orchestrated to make living there as convenient and enjoyable as can be.

For instance: Shopping centers may be deliberately situated within walking distance, which are typically attached, such as condos, townhouses, apartments – to make travel by foot manageable. Trees and flowers are planted alongside most streets, along with hiking/biking trails. There may even be village-wide Wi-Fi, to boot.

Benefits of planned communities

·         Less Traffic
·         The Amenities
·         Green Spaces
·         A sense of Community

Downsides of planned communities

·         Dealing with a Community Development District
·         Additional Fees
·         Less Privacy

In sum, planned communities are ideal for active, outdoorsy, and social people. Sounds like you? Then ask your real estate agent to show you homes in planned communities near you!