Forbes Names Provo-Orem Area Second Best Place in U.S. to Invest in Housing

If you own a home in Utah County, one national publication says it is a good investment.

Last week, Forbes released their 2018 list of the best places to invest in housing, and the Provo-Orem metro area – which includes much of Utah County – came in second.

“These cities offer a rare combination of better than average job growth and some runway before homes become overpriced - -  both things anyone looking to make a smart real estate investment should be after,” Forbes writer Samantha Sharf wrote.

  • The study analyzed markets on five measures; one-year job growth, three-year population growth, one-year home price growth, affordability and Local Market Monitor’s own three-year home price forecast.

  • The article forecasts the next three years’ housing price growth of 31 percent.

  • The area has a three-year population growth of 7.2 percent and a two-year job growth of 6.7 percent.

  • The article calls the area “the sweet spot for local affordability.”

Have you been waiting for the perfect investment opportunity? This may be it!