Your Moving Checklist: Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Home

Welcome to the Ultimate Moving Checklist – a list of all the things you should do before moving into your new home. Let’s face it: With all the excitement of new digs, it’s easy to forget some important tasks. Put these things off, and it becomes all the harder to tackle them later.

  1. Turn on utilities – electric, gas, water – don’t assume they’ll be on and operational.

  2. Set up internet and cable service.

  3. Order an energy audit. Some utility companies do them for free.

  4. Do a deep clean. It’s never easier to do a deep clean than when the house is empty.

  5. Change the locks – this is a basic safety measure, but can’t be done until after closing.

  6. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  7. Set up the alarm system.

  8. Tackle major home renovations – renovations are easier to do with the home vacant.

  9. Make repairs.

  10. Get a Home Warranty.

  11. Buy fire extinguishers.

  12. Get to know your house. Figure out where the circuit breaker box and main water shut off valve are; how to turn off electricity or water in the case of an emergency.

  13. Childproof your home.

  14. Forward your mail.

  15. Update your billing address

So, before you move – or in case you have moved and are wondering how many of these you hit – now you can check this list to know what should be done long before you settle in.

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