Utah Will See Significant Changes in its Population and Economy over the Next 50 Years

What is your description of a typical Utahn? If you guessed that person to be a middle-aged white male with a large family, you may be surprised to know that profile is no longer the norm.

Pamela S Perlich, Ph.D., director of demographic research at University of Utah, revealed new population estimates and projections for the state, which showed that over the next 50 years Salt Lake City’s greater metropolitan area is trending to become more culturally and ethnically diverse.

Data trends show Utah will approach six million residents by 2065. Utah County alone will have 1.6 million people in 50 years.

“Utah will become fundamentally different”, said Perlich. “Our state is forever changed, and this irreversible globalization of our state will present new challenges.

We live in an exciting time, and we need to start planning for Utah’s future….the new reality and economy.