6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home in the Country

Chances are good you’ve probably imagined – at some time or another – what it would be like to give up your daily grind, uproot, and move to the country. Well, rural living can be a dream come true. But if you’re not adequately prepared for it, it could instead become your own personal country nightmare.

Whether you’re looking to buy a weekend getaway, start a small farm, or simply live a more tranquil life, there’s a lot to consider ….keep these in mind before joining the country folks.

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  1. Why do you want to go rural? Nail down your priorities, then be clear when you are ready to look.
  2. Newly built homes will be limited, if not nonexistent. Housing in rural areas are often decades old.
  3. Neighborhood info may be sparse. Going rural may mean the internet might not be much help.
  4. You’ll need power (and backup power). If power lines fail, a propane generator and enough firewood to last for several weeks, may be necessary.
  5. You’ll need to dig into the water system. Do your research and inspections; you’ll want to test your water for bacteria, sediment, nitrates or chemicals.
  6. You could be responsible for your own road maintenance; perhaps trash disposal as well.

You might qualify for a tax break, too; depending on how you use the land. Just be sure to do your homework!