Facebook to Build Massive Data Center in Eagle Mountain

Facebook is set to build a new data center in Eagle Mountain that will span nearly one million square feet and represent a $750 million investment in the city.

While Eagle Mountain can’t competitively draw industries, the city – geographically the third largest in the state – is a perfect fit for data centers that require a lot of land but not too many new employees.

Facebook Data Center | Jobs, employee, eagle mountain, 2020

While the data center, which is set to be completed by 2020, will most likely only bring in about 30 to 50 jobs, officials say that low number is best for the city so there is no significant impact on local resources like schools, police services or traffic. The city will also see a 1,000 percent return on investment, according to a fiscal impact study commissioned by the city.

Facebook has promised to spend at least $100 million to expand the city’s infrastructure to accommodate the project. This investment would, in turn, expand infrastructure in all of Cedar Valley and increase the county’s power grid by an anticipated 48 percent.

“This deal has been brought to fruition through cooperation and hard work across multiple agencies and stakeholders, setting an example for the rest of the nation in how to create a win-win economic benefit for our state both now and in the future”, said Gov. Gary Herbert.

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