Utah Builds its way to 1st Place in Home Growth

Experts say Utah is short on affordable housing, but newly released data suggest the Beehive State is adding homes faster than any other state. Utah’s housing growth, at just over 2 percent, outpaced every other state in a one-year window from 2016-2017, according to estimates released by the US Census Bureau.

Demand is still ahead of supply…what we’re seeing on the residential side is an acceleration that has been building. Utah’s estimated population of 3 million continues to grow as newcomers move in.

Housing Spurt shows the top three fastest-growing counties in Utah from 2016-17:

  • Percentage Growth: Wasatch County 5.3% / Washington County 3.3% / Utah County 3.1%

  • New Homes Built: Wasatch County 674 / Washington County 2,171 / Utah County 5,136

  • Total Homes in County: Wasatch County 13,302 / Washington County 68,226 / Utah County 172,791

The Wednesday release shows the Beehive State’s 1.06 million housing units in 2016 swelled by about 22,000 in the one-year timeframe, up to 1.08 million.

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