Just About Everything’s Getting Bigger – Including Homes

It seems like just about everything has gotten bigger over the past few decades – from TVs to burgers, waist sizes to megastores. So, it shouldn’t come as a big shock that homes are getting larger, too.

  • From extra bedrooms and bathrooms to more overall square footage, homes have been growing over the years, according the US Census Bureau.

  • For example, in 1978, when a gallon of gas would set you back around 65 cents, more than half of the new single-family homes sold had three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

  • Fast forward to 2016 and half of the new abodes buyers closed on had four or more bedrooms. The largest share of homes sold, 40%, had three or more bathrooms.

Yeah, we know that tiny homes are a trend. But, they’re a niche. Most of America is getting supersized.